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Wimbledon Nursery Yoga and Gratitude cards

Every day at Willows Wimbledon Nursery, our children are invited to practice some exercise using a Breathing ball to regulate their breathing and some Yoga to relax their bodies and minds. We also associate the Breathing ball and the Yoga with our Gratitude cards. Through the cards, our children are encouraged to talk about what they are grateful for and why.

Some of the children would say “I am grateful for my mummy and daddy!“, some of them would say “I am grateful for my friend and teachers!“, some of them would say “I am grateful for the food we eat because some children do not have enough food!

Through the Breathing ball exercise, the children regulate their breathing, which also helps the lungs to work more efficiently and allow the children to be ready for the next step, which will be Yoga.

Through slow movement and deep breathing, Yoga helps to increase the blood flow and warm up the muscles. Whilst holding a pose can also build strength and flexibility. The combination of these three activities prepares the children’s time for the day. They love these sessions very much and they ask for them, in fact, when the session is about to start, they help the teachers to set up the room showing excitement and joy.

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