Wimbledon Nursery Harvest Festival

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Wimbledon Nursery Harvest Festival

Last Friday we had a wonderful celebration at Willows Pre-school Wimbledon harvest festival. The children have been busy all week preparing decorations for our nursery. We made scarecrows at the beginning of the week using the children’s old baby clothes, a messy but very popular activity! The children made corn on the cob pictures as well as toadstool mushroom artwork to display around Willows Pre-school Wimbledon. They had also been practicing some autumnal-themed songs to share with parents when they arrived to celebrate with us.

We had a picnic tea of sandwiches, fruit, and cake together in the main room before the children put on a small show for their parents singing about the four seasons, autumn leaves, and scarecrows!

Parents very generously donated to our food bank collection, and we managed to collate a huge box of nonperishable items to be donated to Don’s local action group, a Wimbledon-based charity that tackles poverty and inequality through a range of initiatives including a very well-used food bank and food delivery service for those unable to make it down to the hubs.

Thank you to all who attended our Harvest festival

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