Willows Met with the Community Support Officer Simon

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Willows Met with the Community Support Officer Simon

Following our monthly topic “People who help us” Willows Wimbledon Preschool invited Simon, A Community Support Office, who talked about the role of being a Support Officer in society and what is the benefit for the community to our children.

Willows’s children asked a range of questions and were excited to have their fingerprints taken, and with pride, they told parents that they will become Police Officers so that they can help people to be safe.

This was a keen interest for the preschool children as they used their imagination and built role-play ideas with their peers dressing up as Police Officers. The teachers also supported the children’s learning and curiosity talking about their own safety, about calling the 999 and what to do in case they are in danger during our learning moments, and provided the children with activities based on the topic.

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