The Three Little Pigs Wimbledon Nursery

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Over the start of the new year here at Wimbledon, Willows Pre-school we’ve been learning all about the Three little pigs. We began by reading the story a few times to the children with props and puppets to support their understanding. The children then had the opportunity to play with themed activities throughout the week such as tuff trays set up with the components of the story (straw, sticks, bricks, pigs, and a wolf!) as well as having a chance to make their own houses out of straw sticks or bricks. This all culminated in the children being able to create their own puppet show, retelling the story to their peers by the end of the week.

Upcoming we’ll be learning about Goldilocks and the three bears and following a similar structure of introducing the story before encouraging the children to retell and recreate the tale, coming up with alternative endings, etc, and discussing the moral of the story.

People who help us

People who help us

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