The Police visited our Wimbledon Nursery Pre-school

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The Police visited our Wimbledon Nursery Pre-school

As part of the Willows approach to gratitude at Wimbledon Nursery, we feel it is important to explain how lucky we are to have the tireless help of people that help us. It’s always a little bit of a surprise when the police show up, even when you know they’re coming. Our Wimbledon Nursery had a visit from the police recently, but fortunately, it was part of their community outreach program and not because of any crime!

The two police officers that kindly took the time to visit our Wimbledon Nursery and spend time with the children were both friendly and charming. They also showed us some of the equipment they use and let us try on their uniform. The police officers were interrogated by the children for a full 30 minutes in a very playful way. The children were asking the police officers all sorts of questions, like “how many bad guys have you caught today” and “how many tickets they had given out,” The police officers handled the interrogation well, patiently answering all of the children’s questions with a smile. By the end of the interrogation, the children had gained a better understanding of what it was like to be a police officer and the officers had gained some newfound respect from the kids. It was a great experience for everyone involved.

The Police visited our Wimbledon Nursery Pre-school
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