The concept of Embedded learning at Willows

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The concept of Embedded learning at Willows

Embedded learning most simply describes learning while doing. The concept of Embedded Learning is consistency and recapping; creating ways for learners to improve their literacy, language, and numeracy skills as part of another learning activity as well as the other areas of learning; resulting in well-thought-through, and planned learning intentions. Embedded learning has been proven to be more powerful than traditional approaches to learning because the learner is more motivated and engaged in completing a job or task and has a deeper understanding of context.

By embedding learning intentions, children are more likely to retain the information given to them as well as deepen their understanding and extend their knowledge of a wide range of topics. They can link information better and see first-hand the evolution of a topic of interest.  Here at Willows, we implement an embedded learning approach to all our learning intentions. Regardless of the children’s age. Each classroom learns the same topic but to varying degrees. For example, a topic based on the farm in the baby room would look closely at the most common animals found on a farm such as pigs, cows, and sheep.

The toddler room would take this topic a step further and look at the names of baby animals as well as less common farm animals such as turkeys, goats, piglets, and lambs as well as the jobs some animals may have on the farm. The preschool children will also learn about the same topic. They will look at the produce that comes from farms such as milk, cheese, and eggs. They will also look at the different types of farms and how their food makes it into their homes from the farm. Each age group looking at the same topic in different depths. We don’t stop there! We will take our learning outside; going on trips to local farms, supermarkets and even roleplay opportunities in our playground; as well as recapping often then the opportunity arises to ensure the children have retained some information from the topic and deepen their understanding. At Willows we enjoy researching and finding creative new ways to enhance the children’s learning experience.

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