Snow Fun Day at Wimbledon Nursery

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Snow Fun Day at Wimbledon Nursery

We had a lot of fun! The children were very excited to come to Willows Pre-school Wimbledon today especially when they saw how much fresh untouched snow there was in the tennis club! As there were no tennis players this morning, the children had free range of the four adult courts to run and frolic in! We started by building a snowman bigger than the children, at their request! Everybody helped gather snow and pack it into the snowman’s body and we asked our lovely chef Beverley if she had a spare carrot we could use for our snowman’s nose! The children had a snowball fight (taking turns putting snow on each others’ coats!)  and spent lots of time chasing each other across the snowy flats of the tennis courts.

As the tennis coaches arrived and started to clear the snow, we retreated into our playground where the snow was starting to melt and the children spent time ‘investigating’ all of the icicles and frosty spider webs they could find.

A lovely, unexpected, snow day!

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