Road Safety at Wimbledon

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Road Saftey at Wimbledon

This week at Willows Pre-school Wimbledon we’ve been learning all about Road Safety. The children engaged in a large role play in the garden where they practiced crossing over a zebra crossing, looking left and right, and walking not running. The children were reminded to always cross with an adult and to find an appropriate place to cross: zebra crossings, traffic lights, or at a traffic island. They had great fun taking turns to be either a motorist, pedestrians, lolly-pop person or an older person needing help to cross!

It’s never too early to introduce to your children the basics of road safety. Whilst children are still in the buggy you can begin to point out vehicles and start to develop their general awareness of traffic, roads, and different names for vehicles. When your child is regularly out of the buggy and walking you can begin to draw their attention to road users by playing simple games — looking for yellow cars, motorbikes, or counting trucks for example.


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