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Musical Instruments at Wimbledon Nursery

This week at Willows Pre-school Wimbledon we’ve been learning about musical instruments. The older children have begun categorising instruments into wood, wind or brass and have been able to identify a wide range of instruments- we were very impressed! All children have had a go at making their own instruments, we’ve had some colourful drums, guitars, lots of shakers, and some microphones to be able to make a complete band. Wimbledon Nursery has been very loud this week but lots of fun!

The older children learned about reading and writing music too, as you can see in the pictures, having a go at creating musical notation and were able to ‘read’ music when explained that one symbol meant one beat and 2 symbols meant two, etc.

Music helps children develop in all areas of development, especially their language, literacy, and social-emotional development. Music helps the body and mind to work together and exposure to music in their early years supports children to learn the sounds and meaning of words.

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