Hammersmith Trips

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Hammersmith Pre-School Trips

At Willows Pre-School, we pride ourselves on our trips outside of the nursery. Several times each month we use our own minibus to take the children safely on a range of different adventures. At the Hammersmith Nursery, we have recently taken trips to various museums and parks to expand our knowledge and understanding of our recent topics.

During our topic of ‘Prehistoric Art,’ we took the children to the Natural History Museum to look at their prehistoric exhibitions. The children enjoyed seeing everything they had learnt about that week up close and talked to each other about the facts they had learnt during the week. The Preschool children also visited the V&A Museum to further explore their topic of ‘Expressing Ourselves’; looking at how different forms of expression can be made through clothing, theatre, art, and sculptures. Our toddlers have recently been on trips to various parks in London, exploring all they have to offer with plants, animals, adventure areas and nature hunts. Even the youngest children at Willows get to attend trips!

Our babies go on trips to local parks and walk along the River Thames, looking at seasonal changes and exploring their local environment and taking part in everyday activities such as a trip to the shops to buy some fruit for tasting or a trip to a local park to explore different textures such as sand, grass, and stones.

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