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Hammersmith Nursery Sports Day 2023!

At Willows Pre-School we really value the children’s development. We believe that involving the parents can help the children fulfill their learning potential. This is why every summer we organise Sports Day, where the children have the chance to play and participate in different races, that reflect the variety of movements the children get to explore in their everyday school life as well as involving their parents with a parent race and a chance to see everyone outside of the setting.

The children were given activities that either help them practice gross or fine motor skills and the older the children are, the more complicated the activities become, combining target, speed, critical thinking, and social skills (e.g., working as a group)

This year, the baby room children explored free movement, crawling through a toy tunnel they will roll balls with their parents and will try and pop bubbles. In this way, they will work on their gross motor movements and try to stay stable while walking. They are also learning how to concentrate in an unfamiliar environment; encouraging them to participate in the events whilst dealing with being in a different environment, with a large group of people.

The toddlers will do a beanbag race, an obstacle course, and play parachute games, which gives them the opportunity to explore how fast they can run and use their coordination skills, as well as listen and follow instructions.

The pre-schoolers will have races that require speed, aim, and teamwork, emphasizing running fast and steadily, controlling and balancing objects, and developing social skills

At the end of the day, the children will be awarded medals and play some games of their choice. Afterward, the families are encouraged to have a picnic at the park, which is a great opportunity for the children to have fun and the families to socialize and witness their children interacting with their peers.

We believe that Sports Day is a great day to promote Physical Development – along with other areas- and have great fun! We all enjoyed the event and had a wonderful time participating in races, catching up with friends, having picnics, and of course, receiving medals for all their hard work, well-done everyone!


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