Willows Pre-School Colliers Wood Nursery Fireflies Trip to Beddington Park

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Fireflies Trip to Beddington Park

Just a 20-minute drive from Colliers Wood, Beddington Park is a 58 Hectare Park which stretches across Beddington, Hackbridge and Wallington. It originated as a deer park in the 14th century for the noble Carew family, whose manor house still stands in the park today (now Carew Academy). The Manor itself still exists with its medieval hall. The River Wandle runs through the park culminating in the lake in The Grange Garden.

The Fireflies spent the morning engaging in picturesque woodland walks, discovering different species of trees, woodland and flowers. Walking is beneficial for our children, as it can support their bones, muscles, mental health and overall physical development. Additionally walking with their peers, supports their personal, social and emotional development. Being in their outdoor environment can improve their problem-solving skills, communication and language skills. It provides endless opportunities for exploration and experimentation and helps give our children a love and appreciation of nature and the world around them.

The Fireflies peacefully enjoyed watching the ducks swimming in the pond, walking over fairy bridges and taking advantage of the weather by having their picnic lunch outside. For some of the children, they had a little paddle in one of the crystalline waters much to their delight. 

It was a successful trip with some very contented children. Upon arrival back to the setting, with a big beam on their face, one Firefly excitedly exclaimed: “I went on holiday!”


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