Big Red Bus Trip

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Wimbledon on a “Big Red Bus” trip

The topic of this week is “transports” and at Willows Preschool every trip we plan for our children takes into consideration our topics. With Ted, our minibus driver, we reached Battersea Power Station. There the children had some snacks and had the chance to see the Uber Boat boarding passengers and leave the dock.

They asked lots of questions about life on the boat, they talked about sailors and how the boats move from one place to another floating on the water. After our little pit stop, we walked towards our bus station to reach Putney Pier. Before arriving at the bus station, we had to wait for the traffic light to become green and then we crossed the road and waited patiently for our bus to arrive.

While we were waiting for the bus the children were talking about the cars, the bicycles, and all the other vehicles that were around. It was amazing seeing them engaging in conversations and sharing ideas and experiences!!

On the bus, we had some interesting conversations about road safety. Our Willows children were aware of the risks of crossing the road when the traffic light was red. They all said: “We must stop when the traffic light is red, we can go only when it is green!” On the bus, they also made new friends and engaged in conversation with those two children who also participated in our conversations having lots of laughs.

On our trip we explored the world, built friendships, shared emotions and opinions, and we had a great time that will last forever in our memories!

Our children enjoyed their trip very much, it was so much fun for them and a big joy for the teachers to be with them!

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