All children love to play - they are amazing at it

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All children love to play – they are amazing at it

Children learn best through play. That’s why their time at Willows is such an important time for exploration and discovery. Through play, children can learn about cause and effect, practice new skills, and try out different roles. And it’s not just about having fun – research has shown that children who engage in more playful activities have better academic outcomes later on.

So, if you’re ever feeling guilty about letting your child play instead of doing schoolwork, just remember that they’re getting a head start on their education!

We often worry that our children are not spending enough time playing. The WillowsWay understands however, that there are many opportunities to play and explore with your child throughout the day. For example, during breakfast, we can encourage children to use their imagination by pretending to be a pirate or making up a story together. When we go for a walk, we can point out things along the way and ask children questions about what they see. We also create opportunities for play while doing chores at Willows. For instance, while cleaning up the games, turn it into a game of who can put away the most toys in a minute. By looking for chances to play throughout the day, we help your child to develop important skills and have fun at the same time.

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