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You have joined a growing number of parents that clearly understand the global changes to the world and why now, more than at any other time in recent history, it is essential for all children to excel as unique individuals. We believe that all young children deserve the best start in life. Therefore, when we created our Wimbledon Nursery in 2009 the WillowsWayTM was born. The WillowsWayTM is organic constantly being refined and four years our Colliers Wood Nursery and preschool followed in 2013. As of today, the WillowsWayTM is taught across three beautiful settings with our Hammersmith Nursery and preschool following in 2018.

Why Choose Willows

The highly qualified teachers at Willows are passionate about education and are constantly finding new ways to challenge and engage your children. Willows Preschool is the first choice for aspirational parents who value a world-class start in life for their children.

Willows Parents Community

The Willows community is committed to helping parents understand the Willows Way. Our website features a range of resources and articles that provide insights into our approach to education. These include articles on child development and tips for supporting deep-level learning at home. By providing this information, we hope to empower parents to become active partners in their child's education.



Have you ever wondered why anxiety has become so prevalent in modern society? Or why today’s children seem to be grappling more than ever with depression and other neurofunctional disorders? “SIPS: The Molecular Connection Between Immunity & Learning” offers a fresh perspective on the delicate balance of our immune systems and neural pathways.

A ground-breaking idea emerges in the ever-evolving field of immunology and neuroscience, connecting dots we never thought to join. Dive into the riveting exploration of how the very molecules responsible for warding off infections in our bodies play a pivotal role in how we learn and process the world around us.

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Willows Pre-School
Wimbledon Nursery

28 Wilton Grove, Wimbledon
London, SW19 3QX
020 8540 2388

Ofsted 2022
Willows Pre-School
Colliers Wood Nursery

Colliers Wood Recreation Ground,
Colliers Wood, London, SW19 2DU
020 8544 9293

Willows Pre-School Hammersmith Nursery

1 St Peters Road, Hammersmith
London, W6 9BA
020 8741 1424

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